Do you appreciate your clients enough?

The more you appreciate the clients you do have, the more
clients you’ll attract into your world.

And speaking of appreciation, here’s the third and final
installment in my client appreciation series. Alicia came
into my world less than a year ago with a truly unique
calling. In the short time I’ve known her I’ve gotten to see
her step further and further into her power.  She has an
answered the calling inside her in a huge way.

Meet Alicia Dattner…

Alicia Dattner

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Someone I’d like you to meet

The Client Appreciation Series continues today with Jonathan
Bender.  He has accomplished so much in the last few years…
I have had the privilege of watching him develop, step into
his own power and create a business that most business would
only dream of.  I think you’ll enjoy his story.

Meet Jonathan Bender…

Jonathan Bender

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Meet My Rockstar Client

I can't tell you have proud I am of my amazing clients. There is nothing better for me that seeing someone live into their full potential as a business owner and grow by leaps and bounds as a person in the process. This week I am going to be … [Continue reading]

Riskiest post I’ve ever written


This is the riskiest post I've ever written. I am about to break my own cardinal rule of never talking about politics or religion in my newsletter. And even though I am not political, I can't help but talk about politics to illustrate my … [Continue reading]

Are you too good at enrolling clients?

I was talking to a holistic health coach last week at a party. She told me that she loves my Master of Enrollment methodology and that because of it, she had tremendous success with enrolling clients during her consultations. I've gotta tell … [Continue reading]

What do you do when someone asks for a discount?

When was the last time you asked for a discount? Last week I lead a 4-day Big Shift Retreat with 70 of my most amazing clients. These are the business owners who decided to step up in a big way to invest in themselves and their businesses. A … [Continue reading]